Frequently Asked Questions




Q - Do your bags have holes in them? Are they suitable for sending liquids to FBA?

A - The 1.5 mils (38 micron range) do not have holes in them. The 1.8 mils (45 micron range) do have small punch holes in them. If you wish to ship liquids to FBA, please purchase our 1.5 mils (38 micron range) .


Q - What are the eco credentials of your products?

A - The 1.5 mils (38 micron) range are manufactured using 30% recycled material and are fully recyclable. The 1.8mils (45 micron) range are manufactured using virgin material but are fully recyclable.


Q - Does the Plastic Packaging Tax affect your products in any way?

A - In short, yes. Before the PPT was introduced in April 2022, we used to produce both product ranges using virgin material. However, due to the PPT, alongside a willingness from ourselves and our customers to be more sustainable, we switched the manufacture of the 1.5 mils (38 micron) range to be manufactured using 30% recycled material. This circumvents the cost implications of the PPT as well as offering our best selling range in a more sustainable form.


Q - What do mils and microns mean?

A - Mils and microns are terms of measurement relating to the thickness of a material, in this case plastic. The difference between our 1.5 & 1.8 mils range is barely noticeable and both ranges meet the thickness requirements for FBA.


Q - How are your bags measured, is the lip included in dimensions calculations?

A - The lip is not included in measurement calculations. Most of our lips are 50mm in size so the bag dimensions that you choose will reflect the width and height of the bag, plus the 50mm (or so) lip overhang.


Q - I need a size of bag that is different to those that you offer, can you supply it?

A - We are able to produce bespoke size bags but the order quantity would have to be over 100k units. If you would like this, please contact which your requirements. Our current bag size range meets those that are in the highest demand.






Q - Will you ship my order today?

A - All orders placed before 12pm (midday) will be shipped same day. Those placed up until mid-afternoon may well be shipped same day but this is not guaranteed


Q - Do you ship to all locations?

A - Yes we can ship our product worldwide, for more info visit the 'Outside of the UK' tab at the top of the page


Q - I ordered my bags yesterday before midday and I haven't received them yet?

A - All bags ordered before midday will be shipped same day. If the order is small (100 bags or similar), it is likely the bags will be shipped via Royal Mail 24. The tracking for this service only updates upon delivery and therefore we are unaware of your items whereabouts until it is delivered. The majority of the time Royal Mail keep to their delivery promises but unfortunately whether they do all the time is beyond our control. Larger orders will shipped with Parcelforce and are almost always delivered next day, you can enter the tracking number on the Parcelforce website to view a live tracking update.